Where is literature?

Strip literature of its “seriousness”, its pomposity and snobbery and you would almost find it everywhere. There’s poetry in the way a woman breastfeeds her man and nurture her child; there’s a story in the way a woman protects, provides and perfect her home; there’s a play in the way children seek meaning in life. However, these experiences, as we were taught, are located in books, on stage, on-screen and they must be administered by trained heads.

J P Sartre talks about the artist who uses different materials to make his painting relevant. In contemporary sense, can we say the relevant literatures are only the read by scholars, published by a known  publishing house and read by an international audience? What does it mean for a painter to put his story on canvas these days? Let’s digress for a bit.

Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat carry contents daily. Volumes of literary content. But, they don’t follow the canons of literature and therefore, …  But, again, poetry, play and prose exists in statuses, snapchat stories, Youtube videos, and facebook live. Scholars of literature must embrace these platforms.  The Conversaton argues that “It takes time to write literature, and it takes time to read it.” True. It’s both forms of engagement are hard, “but without that social and individual investment in literary work, no collective has any chance of discovering its own most powerful resources.”



There are new canvases. New ways to digest literature. Literature, (un)fortunately, lives on Kindle , phones and the internet. Not everything makes literary sense, therefore, there’s the need to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

Literature is the photosynthesis of the media ecology. 

-The Conversation


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