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How Recycled Leaders Affect Nigeria’s Development

  As far as sustainable business development and creating safer environments in the future, recycling plays a huge role. David Rainey says, “Integrating reuse and recycling in the value network is an important step in achieving environmentally and economically sound practices.” Rainey in is his work highlights how recycling could benefit industries and companies. Yet, […]

No Jollof for You…

Imagine this…Imagine attending a Nigerian party and the host says: “No jollof for you.” How would you react? One of the following would be your response: “Iro, ko possible!” “Tufia! Which kind nonsense be that?” If you want to be polite, you could say: “Bring wetin dey, I go manage am.” Ain’t no Nigerian party, […]

“T” For Trump

  “Everyone who voted for Trump is a racist.” – Jon Stewart  Stewart is right to an extent whether you agree or not.  T for Trump Making history could be mysterious and individuals who created them often bequeathed (b)lasting legacies to unborn generations.  Some left lasting memories while some blasted themselves into it. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin […]

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