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One Book Every Student Researcher MUST Read

A supervisor’s feedback about a student researcher’s essay/thesis is important. It guides and informs the researcher’s work. When they fall on these lines “your argument is weak” or “your claims and evidences don’t match” (which is often the case),  they can crush any student’s moral. It’s more devastating when these remarks become consistent. However, this can be […]

Of Fake news, Alternative facts, and Chibok Girls

News about the Chibok girls, which normally aroused widespread emotional responses, now seems like a confession of mad theories and ideological hocus-pocus. When fresh reports revealed that another eighty-two girls were released by their captors, Nigerians—both sympathisers and conspiracy theorists — welcomed the news with ambivalence. Nigerians believe they’ve been served an assortment of lies about […]

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