To be a Christian…

I am not christ-like.

I’m not perfect.

To be Christ-like means perfection. If to be Christian is to be Christ-like, then one has to stay sober and docile.

But, when I think of these things, I know it’s hard to achieve.

Living without sin is just impossible. We are an embodiment of sin. It’s what makes us human.

Truly though, I want to see the other side of earth. The place where there will be no more weeping and gnashing of teeth. But, then again, I’m not Christ-like which means I don’t have the key.

The other day I read about a girl who was brutalised in a church. My thoughts roamed: where is God when you need him? How can He allow such to happen in His house? I don’t know if God understands those questions? Or, would He say I’m a blasphemer?

I want to be a Christian. I like being a Christian. I was born a Christian. However, I’ve never questioned the concept of Christianity in details since we were not meant to.

The behaving like Christ—humble, non-judgmental, and loving our neighbours unconditionally—is hard for me.

Was Christ really like that? We don’t know what happened or what he did between the ages of 12 and 33. Our good Book doesn’t go into details about those periods. Did he have friends? Did he drink wine? Did he quarrel with his parents? Did he party? What did he like doing? Or, was he just perfect?

There are too many questions to ask. But, by asking, I’m trampling on the concept of Christianity. A friend once told me that logic and Christianity can’t mix. We must accept the mystery as it is and keep our questions to ourselves.

However, what makes us complete mind, body and soul is embedded in our ability to make these three align seamlessly. It’s often a mystery to explain how they work together but they do.

So, how can we make Christianity and logic synchronised. What’s the perfect way to do this without sounding too atheistic or too agnostic?

To be a Christian can’t be to be less of a logical being…

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