“T” For Trump


“Everyone who voted for Trump is a racist.” – Jon Stewart

 Stewart is right to an extent whether you agree or not. 

T for Trump

Making history could be mysterious and individuals who created them often bequeathed (b)lasting legacies to unborn generations.  Some left lasting memories while some blasted themselves into it. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr and Mother Theresa, fell into the former.



Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Idi Amin, just to mention those three (well, they remain heroes to some) represented the latter.

History walks mysteriously.

History presented Americans and the world with a sucker punch; a reminder, perhaps, that the world needed to study the past.  US of A was punch drunk when she rolled  T in.


Imagine this type of man:

A man born with a silver spoon choking his mouth; a man whose hair is the most talked about issue in the world; a man who knows how to grab women “by the pussy“; a man known for firing apprentices; a man known for his golden homes and hotels; a man whose mouth is larger than his personality; a man who will not be called a millionaire; an open racist .

Let the information sink-in. Now, imagine the man leading one of the world’s most powerful nations. America(n)(s) in trouble? Is this not making history? How did this legend happen?

It’s a new era in America. It’s a new turn of/in history.


Democracy taught us to respect human beings and, well, to tone down our dark side. But this bold and brash man came blazing with disrespect and won the “majority” votes . T for Trump represents a demon carved out of craziness.

A checklist: How To Be a President:

  1. Take People’s Fear to the Bank: Enjoy the pleasures of selling fear. Preach change. England’s Farage and his Brexit cohorts used it and it brought a new England. Yay! Trump studied and copied Farage’s blue print then used it and, like magic, it worked. “Let’s make America great again” was the bait and planted in Americans mind that America, the Goliath,  was falling.
  2. Verbal Abuse:  Without this, you can’t win a presidential ticket/seat. Learn how to shred your opponents. Trump used it well; learn from him.
  3. Be misogynistic: This only works if you’re a star.  Talk about women like pieces of trash and votes will pour in.
  4. Be a liar: Politicians must master the art of lying. In fact, it’s as important as the air that humans breath. Learn from Hillary and Trump. Your mouth must be as slippery as slime in a snails shell.

Politics is ugly. It produces ugly humans or brings out the ugliness in people. The checklist, whether you leave a legacy or not, should serve as a guide for presidents-to-be.

In American history books, trump’s face will be there like an unwanted pimple hanging just below the lower lip: hard to squeeze out and painful to watch. It’s going to be four years of The Apprentice Show.

This is politics

Politics is a game of keeping faces, understanding human psychology and crushing opponents ruthlessly. If you don’t know how to engage in these games, better ask Frank Underwood. He admonishes politicians to “never regret” and presents a fundamental political rule: “hunt or be hunted”.

Politics is a trick. It’s never sane. It’s for the people with cunning, lose and olive oil tongues, and humans with iron hands placed in velvet gloves. It’s on those foundation that you’ll find the most important of all politicians.

Trump studied well and gave Americans an overdose of the above. Politics tosses out losers sometimes. Hillary Clinton’s fate?

Moving on…


Perhaps, a return to the past for Americans? A decision can’t be sliced out from the future for today’s consumption. As such, patience becomes that virtue. But, this we know: it would be cr-A-zy after the wall is built (history taught us about walls).

“Democracy is so overrated.”-Frank Underwood



On Clintons

If there was no Monica in Bill’s life or vice versa,  would it have changed the results? If there were no deleted  e-mails what would Trump dump on them? A truthful Hillary would have won? Then again, there’s N0.4 on how to be a president.

H.Clinton should try again.

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