Spurred by failure

Failure, as used today, is negatively enforced. One is looked at as a failure if they don’t reach certain requirements or meet certain expectations. The label “fail” is whipped out to cut the head of students, parents, and priests.

A student who earns bad grades in school is labelled what?

A father who is never around to play certain parental roles is quite often labelled as ?

Sometimes the labels might be different.

But, I am worried about the label “failure.” Can’t another word suffice?

Failure can push people to be better if they are addressed without the word itself. What if the feedback is done in a positive way. What if a students with bad grades gets his process of studying assessed and assisted to get a better grade, next time? Shouldn’t we find a way to uplift people through their daily failures?

I think we need to rename the concept and replace with better words or better phrases. That way, we can raise better individuals that can contribute to the positive development of our communities

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