Products of Institutions

We are defined by institutions. Every human is shaped by a combination of institutions.

A family unit is an institution. We draw some elements of our being from there.

Schools are institutions. They teach us how to “become” in another institution—the society. It teaches us to conform, to be respectable and to be what’s expected from other institutions.

The society is an institution. We draw characteristics from what we see others doing in the society. We want to be the society when we are IN the society. To be accepted in the institution, we become it.

Marriage as an institution is complex. It’s created by another institution and because of that, it has many influences. The people in it are acting out a role guided by the institution.

Religion is an institution. It soaks humans. Humans soak it’s guidance.

There’s no freedom from these institutions. From birth, we tumble into an institution and we continue to roll into one institution after the other.

We are a combination of these institutions. That’s why we are complex. That’s why we do things some times and wonder why we did it…

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