One Book Every Student Researcher MUST Read

A supervisor’s feedback about a student researcher’s essay/thesis is important. It guides and informs the researcher’s work. When they fall on these lines “your argument is weak” or “your claims and evidences don’t match” (which is often the case),  they can crush any student’s moral.

It’s more devastating when these remarks become consistent. However, this can be avoided if the researcher learns how to make claims, present evidences and warrants and these secrets are one book:The Craft of Research, Fourth Edition (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing and Publishing)

This book helped me during my Phd. It was my go-to manual.

I’m not saying there are no other books on how to write a well-rounded essay. I’m just saying this one directed me and I’m SURE any new researcher will find it useful. I can boldly say this, therefore:

Dear researcher, if you’ve not read this book, stop whatever you are doing right now, find the book, sit down and read it. Then read it again.

The authors, researchers themselves, presented their argument in a clear and concise manner.

Why should read it? The following are key takeaways:

  •  Connecting with your reader: recreating yourself and your audience·
  • Asking questions, finding answers
  •  How to plan your project
  • How to move from questions to sources and how to ask the right questions
  • How to write topics
  • Making a claim and supporting it
  •  Making good arguments
  • Claims and evidence
  • How to make warrants: the basis of our belief and reasoning
  • Preparing to draft, drafting and revision
  •  Communicating evidence visually

It will:

Introduce beginning researchers to uses, and objectives of research and its reporting;

Guide beginning and intermediate researchers through the complexities of planning, organizing and drafting a report that poses a significant problem and offers a convincing solution;

 Show all researchers, from beginning to advanced, how to read their reports as their readers will, how to diagnose passages that readers are likely to find difficult, and how to revise them quickly and efficiently.

The authors’ argue that:

Society needs people with critical minds, people who can look at issues , ask their own questions and find their own answers.

The ability to proffer answers to the myriad of questions that exist in our setting is the job of a researcher and more importantly, the ability to ask the tough questions is one of the most important jobs of a researcher. This book will turn you into a complete researcher.

Read it and thank me later.

BOOTH, W., COLOMB, G., WILLIAMS, J., BIZUP, J. and FITZGERALD, W., 2016. The Craft of Research. Fourth edn. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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