Letter To Madam Theresa May

Dear Madam May,

First, I would like to congratulate you for Trump’s triumph in the US. It’s rumoured that the Brexit Juice inspired Americans. Well, that’s something: an additional star in the ranks of western supremacy. But, that’s not the kernel of my letter.

Madam, imagine, if you will, a student from another country in the throes of applying for a British education. It’s often dotted with different things. I can’t speak for all “international” scenarios but I can share my experiences.

2008, in Lagos-Nigeria, three U.K. universities came to hawk their programs like prostitutes enticing a potential prey. They brought flyers, marketing videos and left adverts with radio stations and television to keep their mission in the ears of parents and wards. It caught the ear of one or ten students who applied.

After applications (where the university finds out if you’re qualified), fees are paid, and indication of available funds for accommodation must be shown in your account, the university sends the admission letter.

Students from West Africa don’t walk through the wild deserts of Agadez or swim in Mediterranean Sea to get to your country, Madam Minister.

Again, the payment is:

  1. Creative Writing: £10, 000 and £11,000
  1. Accommodation and feeding (Outside London Boroughs): £7,000 per year.
  1. 20-hours work during term time

That’s 17,350! Do the math for two-year program.

Then, Madam May, why do you call international students migrants or immigrants? By definition, migrants or immigrants move from one country to another for work or permanent residency.

This term used to describe international students is not only demeaning but shines a light on the progressively distorted ideology held by many Brits. A people that contribute 8 billion GBP per annum to your economy deserve another type of treatment.

What’s more, after banning the post-study work visa for international students, there has been retrogression on the initial idea. Only this time, only international students in the so-called elite Russell schools are allowed this privilege. It shrinks the tenets of “widening participation” in HE. Prof. Dave says it’s irrationality becoming norm and to take it further, it’s bunkum, dear Madam Minister.

Britain, by going on this elite route, is the grandmother who screams on the grandson for eating the wrong food.

Can we conclude, Madam Minister, that international students, because of their status, are pariahs in this elite society? Can we conclude that they are the most expensive refugees in the world? Can we also conclude that their welfare is not put in question?

At this point, with the way things are going, dear Madam, it’s fair to say that a generous amount of overseas students would select other countries, which would tellingly affect your “major export”. If any change must be made, first, international students must called students and treated like one. Another name is unwarranted.


Enjoy your trump celebrations, dear Madam.


Yours truly,

M. I


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