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…And The Next Level Brouhaha

  Let’s admit it, election in Nigeria is war. I have known this since. I witnessed it in 1993. After the Moshood Abiola of Social Democractic Party (SDP) defeated Bashir Tofa’s National Republican Convention (NRC), the elections were annulled by Ibrahim Babanginda. People took to the streets fighting, protesting and fighting over the annulment. It […]

Of 2019 Nigerian Elections

Content Introduction What Do Nigerians Desire? Who Are The Contenders? What Nigerians Will Get? Conclusions/ Future Suggestion. ** Introduction The 2019 Nigerian election is here. Politicians, as they are wont to do, are campaigning and the Nigerian electorate, as always, react to their feverish tales with a heightened sense of expectation. Most Nigerians know elections […]

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